Profile Products unveils new granular mulch

April 26, 2016 -  By

Seed-Aide_CvrGrow_BagProfile Products released its new Seed Aide CoverGrow spread or spray mulching granules.

Made from recycled wood and cellulose, this seed starter begins working the first time it comes in contact with water instead of requiring several irrigation cycles. It can be applied by hand, by broadcast spreader or hydraulically.

A single 40-pound bag of CoverGrow delivers the equivalent of 50 pounds of coverage by other mulch pellets and granules because of the product’s 25 percent greater swell volume when activated by water, according to the company.

Additionally, this granular mulch is biodegradable and breaks down without taking away nutrients from the soil.

Seed Aide CoverGrow is available from select home and garden stores and from landscape supply distributors.

Photo: Profile Products

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