Profit Power: 7 valuable insights from 2017

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Reflecting on 2017, here is a list of seven valuable insights I have learned while working with the best and brightest entrepreneurs this past year.

1. Absolute clarity is key for forward momentum. 

The clearer your vision, goals and action plans are, the faster you will achieve them. Period. This goes for personal goals, too. Write down your plans in detail, including how you will feel once you achieve them. Include your team to bring clarity to everyone.

2. A great #2 helps you become a great #1. 

It’s one of the few silver bullets in business, and its pivotal importance became clear to me in 2017.

3. The value of empathy in life and business. 

This is critical not only for great parents but also for great leaders. I have learned that if you want others to understand you and believe in you, you have to show understanding to them.

4. Partnering with existing clients to bring value to new clients. 

The value of existing clients is often overlooked. When you partner with them, you can create even more value for new and existing clients.

5. The skill of chasing business holds you back from building a business. 

At some point you have “arrived,” and you need to shift from chasing every single piece of new business to building the business more intentionally. Identify red light prospects you need to avoid or shed. Many entrepreneurs make this shift too late.

6. Communication does not equal understanding. 

Never assume others understand your ideas just because you shared them. Communication does not equal understanding. Spend time discussing your ideas, so others can ask questions, poke holes and learn how the dots are connected.

7. One day at a time. 

This applies to how you run your operations (with daily budgets and goals), how you behave professionally (setting daily goals and intentions, and reviewing your results the next day) and even how to think about living life. If you can operate and celebrate in day-tight compartments, you will achieve much more and enjoy more, too.

I wish you a happy and successful new year.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea: If you take time to reflect on your past successes, you will be even more successful moving forward.

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  1. Docut says:

    Great tips – The longstanding theme of ‘customers are your best asset’ continues year after year. Putting your customers to ‘work’ for you and building on those relationships for more.. It’s a great strategy!