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When I meet with a group of business owners like I did recently in St. Louis, I kick off the meeting asking them where they show real courage in their life, and where they need to show more courage.

I want them to show more courage right then and there, when we meet as a group: to be curious enough to receive help from others and to get out of their comfort zone to speak out and help others.

It is important to know your strengths, so you can build on them and build your confidence. It’s also critical to know what’s holding you back.


In my diagram, “Jeffrey’s Courage Assessment: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable,” I have outlined four types of courage in black, and the recipients of one’s courage in blue. Use this diagram to reflect on where you show up in life with courage, and where you are lacking the courage of your own convictions. (This is best done as a group, but you can reflect on this information by yourself.)

To operate as a world-class performer, athlete, etc., you have to identify your next courage step. What’s the next obvious step to building up your courage and operating with courage? For example, I try to notice what is creating a pit in my stomach, and then take the steps needed to address that uncomfortable feeling. It is OK to feel nervous when you’re addressing what makes you feel uncomfortable, when you’re reaching out of your comfort zone in order or when you put yourself or find yourself in a new situation.

Real growth happens when you run towards that feeling–not away from it.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea: If you can get comfortable being uncomfortable, and constantly identify your next courage step, you will continue to grow into the person you want to become.

Take Action: Tomorrow morning, reflect on your courage. Do this exercise, and create one courage step for yourself. Share it with someone, and be accountable.

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