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Profit Power: If LeBron James meditates, should you?

May 23, 2018 -  By

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The rookie star quarterback for the New York Jets, Sam Darnold, claims that daily meditation—morning and evening—has helped him greatly expand his performance. As a pro who is already at the top of his game for his age and experience, he is constantly training and looking for the next edge. Given the high stress and busy schedule of professional football, he found that mediation gave him that edge.

By the way, he and I use the exact same meditation app, Headspace.

We are not alone. Other top performing athletes who also mediate include Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Joe Namath, Derek Jeter and the entire team of the Seattle Seahawks the year they won the Super Bowl in 2014.

The big benefit of meditation is that it clears your mind, helps you bring order to the chaos in your busy schedule. Some people get this same benefit from hobbies, such as knitting, car restoration and walking through the woods. And active people get this mind clearing when they are engaged in a sport, like jogging.

During this busy season, if you find yourself stressed or have an overly full mind with competing priorities, you can gain extra clarity with short 10-minute meditations. My parents do the same. They meditate together every night to help them deal with the stress and uncertainty of some health issues.

Life has become busier and more hectic. Our industry this year is more hectic than ever—what are you using to regain your edge?

My challenge to you: Find a way every day to reduce your stress and strengthen your calm confidence so that you can be a better leader by example to your troops and family.

My close mentor clears his mind every day by walking his dogs and building model ships. How about you? Find your own way, or follow LeBron James.

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