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These are the best of times, even though some days it feels like the worst of times. The newspapers are filled with uncertainty in politics, global economy and important green industry-related legislation.

Recently this publication shared news of a Michigan company going out of business because they could not get their H-2B labor, but close sources have told me company leaders were hinting of closing down earlier this winter, long before the recent labor incident. They were tired and ready to retire.

But all this leads me to a much larger point: The economic opportunities we have in the U.S. are unprecedented. The U.S. provides better economic opportunities than any other country I know, and I have visited more than 35 countries in my lifetime. We have the most powerful economic engine in the world and in the history of the world.

Yes, we have turmoil along the way, but these incidents need to be viewed in context. We have the freedom to build a business, and we have ample customers and potential customers who will buy our services.

You should look at it as an opportunity.

I visit and consult with companies in most every state across the nation, and there is unbridled success wherever I go. The opportunities are significant for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations that want to make their mark.

Don’t get distracted and lost in the political pot stirring. Stay focused to the opportunities in front of you. Get organized with the best ideas out there. And tap into guidance from experts who have made it so that you, too, may be the next success story on the cover of this magazine. Enjoy the fruits of our great nation: designed and built by geniuses, so that even fools could run it.

Ready, set, go!

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