Program aids Colorado utility customers with large landscapes

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The drought conditions in Colorado mean strict watering regulations for property owners there. Denver Water, however, has implemented a program to help customers with large landscapes.

Landscape and irrigation contractors have until the end of the month to advise their commercial property clients to take advantage of the utility’s Water Budget Program, which exempts large properties from the mandatory two-days-per-week drought watering restriction currently in place as long as they cut their use 35 percent.

Many commercial properties with large landscapes need more flexibility to cover all their irrigation zones than the two-days-per-week watering restrictions allows, Denver Water said. By giving them this flexibility, and ensuring they reduce their water consumption, properties can maintain healthy landscapes while helping Colorado conserve water during one of the worst droughts on record.

To be eligible for the program, commercial properties must have more than 1 acre of irrigable land and agree to use 12 gallons of water per square foot of irrigable land each year (this is a 35 percent reduction from the 18 gallons commonly used to maintain landscapes). Denver Water customers, or those served by a Denver Water distributor, have until June 1 to apply.

Participants are permitted to water any day they choose and as many days as they want as long as it’s not between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. In addition, they may choose to use more water during different times of the summer. For example, if they use less water in June they may use more water in August.

Denver Water will track irrigation use throughout the summer. Participants that do not follow the rules must leave the program and instead follow the company’s two-days-per-week watering restrictions.

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