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We asked Green Industry pros what’s on their minds right now.

Chris Casselberry
Baton Rouge, La.
2013 projected revenue: $7.1 million
Service mix: 55% maintenance; 35% irrigation/landscape installation; 10 percent pest/termite control

Top of mind: The H-2B seasonal guest-worker visa program. GreenSeasons has used the program for nine years but may have to drop it next year do to government-imposed increases in hourly wages. “We haven’t decided, but we might downsize. You can’t cut grass with nobody running the trucks.”

Dan Dahlkemper
Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors
Erie, Pa.
2013 projected revenue: $3.5 million
Service mix: 75% design/build; 25% maintenance

Top of mind: HGTV, because it educates people about the landscape industry and calls their attention to creative options for their outdoor spaces. “HGTV has been a good friend to the industry.”

Bill Banford
The Sharper Cut
Upper Marlboro, Md.
2013 projected revenue: $2 million
Service mix: 95% design/build; 5% irrigation

Top of mind: He realizes his company is the “last to be paid,” and that can be stressful.

Katie Parkhurst
Operations manager
Grant & Power Landscaping
West Chicago, Ill.
2013 projected revenue: $7.8 million
Service mix: 53% design/build; 21% snow; 26% maintenance

Top of mind: Whether workers will show up to work and getting crews moving by 6 a.m. “My personal goal is to have every crew out of my yard in a half hour. That’s a lot of coordination. Trying to not get burned out is key.”

Andrew Ziehler
Ziehler Lawn & Tree Care
Centerville, Ohio
2013 projected revenue: $1.2 million
Service mix: 65% lawn care; 35% maintenance

Top of mind: “I think about how I can inspire our people to provide amazing customer service and great results for our customers every day and, at the same time, attract and retain a high-quality staff.”

Todd Pugh
Todd’s Enviroscapes
Louisville, Ohio
2013 projected revenue: $11.5 million
Service mix: 60% maintenance; 25% design/build; 15% snow

Top of mind: “I’ve been blessed that I don’t let things bother me or get stressed too much. But in the last couple years, I’ve put more pressure on myself to grow as a leader. How do I make myself better for tomorrow so I can lead the company?”

Andrew Ziehler

Headshot: Andrew Ziehler

Katie Parkhurst

Headshot: Katie Parkhurst

Dan Dahlkemper

Headshot: Dan Dahlkemper


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