Quali-Pro launches new dual-action herbicide to cover more than 150 weed species

September 11, 2023 -  By
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Quali-Pro released Prodoxaben, a solution for edge-to-edge preemergent weed control. The product is a selective combination preemergent herbicide. It features a dual-action formula, combining actives prodiamine and isoxaben.

According to the company, Prodoxaben tackles more than 150 weed species right at germination, including dandelions, clover, henbit, Poa, crabgrass and barnyard grass.

Prodoxaben is available now in a granule formulation and will be available later this fall in an innovative liquid formulation. The two formulations offer turfgrass managers the flexibility to apply the product in the form most convenient for them.

Prodoxaben can be applied ranging from 100 pounds (two bags) to 200 pounds per acre annually (four bags), ensuring optimal results without exceeding the maximum recommended annual rate of 357 pounds per acre. Its application areas encompass established turfgrasses, lawns, ornamental beds and more.

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