Rain Bird releases twist lock fittings

September 7, 2016 -  By

Photo: Rain BirdRain Bird introduced its new TLF Series Twist Lock Fittings.

“We designed QF Dripline Header to save contractors time and money,” said Chuck Kunze, senior product manager for Rain Bird’s landscape drip division. “However, many irrigation contractors asked us for fittings that would make its installation even faster and more efficient. The TLF Series answers that request with the added bonus of being a time-saving solution for other drip installations, as well.”

Rain Bird’s TLF Series Twist Lock Fittings quickly and easily connect lengths of dripline or drip tubing with a tight, leak-free seal. They’re ideal for use with all industry-standard ½-, ¾- and 1-inch dripline and distribution tubing, including Rain Bird’s XFD, XFS and XFCV dripline; XF blank tubing; and XT700 and XBS models.

TLF Series fittings—available as couplings, elbows, tees, caps and MPT threaded adapters—provides tighter seal on tubing using both internal dimension and outside dimension of the tube through the use of a high-quality barb and a twist-locking nut. The ribbed construction offers greater leverage when gripping and twisting the fittings into place, while the barb design reduces the amount of insertion force necessary to maintain a secure fit, Rain Bird said.

Twist Lock Fittings are available in three series to fit different sizes and types of tubing. The 600 Series is compatible with Rain Bird XFD, XFS, XFCV, XF Blank, XT700 and ½-inch XBS tubing. The 800 Series works with Rain Bird’s ¾-inch XBS tubing and ¾-inch QF Dripline Header, while the 1000 Series is specifically for use with Rain Bird’s 1-inch QF Dripline Header.

Photo: Rain Bird

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