Rain Master launches DX3 controller

December 12, 2017 -  By
Rain Master

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Rain Master debuted the DX3 Satellite Central Control System, powered by Laguna software.

“The new DX3 controller has a great user interface that allows the user to access data in the field,” said Brian Sherman, irrigation technician of Moorpark College in Moorpark, Calif. “Coupled with the Laguna central software, there are many features to help irrigation managers conserve water.”

The DX3’s Laguna software features a global programming function and a simple grid and table user interface. It offers integrated internet-based mapping, multiple evapotranspiration (ET) weather options, over-the-internet updates, independent station control and advanced flow and ET options.

The DX3 can operate up to 96 conventional stations or 200 two-wire stations. A hybrid option allows for the operation of two-wire and conventional wiring at a single controller.

The controller can accommodate up to 16 programs, handle several wireless communication options and operate up to three master valves, three flow sensors and two pumps for large- or medium-sized systems.

Additional features include an illuminated cabinet that automatically turns on when the cabinet door is opened, a 4.4-inch e-reader style LCD display, Pivotech pivoting board brackets and custom fit covers for all electrical boards.

The system is available for immediate order in wall mount, plastic pedestal or stainless-steel pedestal configurations. It comes with a limited five-year warranty and free over-the-phone service and support.

Photo: Rain Master

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