Randy’s Way: Doubting Obamacare

June 7, 2013 -  By
Headshot: Randy Newhard

Headshot: Randy Newhard

By Randy Newhard

It’s Saturday morning and I am sitting in an old time barber shop. Why do I come to a place like this? First, it’s only $6! No fancy salon, no hair wash or neck rub (although I love that). Guess I like supporting the local little guy, not a nationwide conglomerate. I consider our company a little local guy. We compete against the nation’s largest landscapers. I guess there should be no complaint from me. That means we “made the grade” to compete with them. As I wait my turn at the barber chair, a politics discussion begins. Uh oh!

Obamacare comes up. As the nation’s employers try to figure out how much more they will owe , the government is trying to figure out how it can implement this horrible idea. I believe it won’t take effect in January 2014. States have to set up exchanges, and as of two months ago only 18 states had done so. Of course, California, being a liberal state, was the first one to set up the exchange. With the other 32 states not doing their exchanges, that leaves the feds to set up exchanges for those states. Feds haven’t figured that out, so I believe there will be a delay. Whoo-ha for now!

Newhard is CEO of New Way Landscape & Tree Services in San Diego.
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