Real Green partners with Lawnbot, Coalmarch

Real Green Systems announced a new exclusive strategic partnership with Raleigh, N.C.-based Coalmarch Digital Marketing and Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Lawnbot. The partnerships with Coalmarch and Lawnbot will provide digital marketing solutions and sales automation tools through to Real Green System’s flagship customer relationship management solution, Service Assistant 5 (SA5).

Real Green Systems said the addition of Lawnbot and Coalmarch showcases the company’s commitment to creating effective solutions designed to help their customers’ businesses grow. Digital marketing and sales automation join a suite of services, including SA5, automated marketing assistant, customer assistant websites, mobile live, routing assistant, direct mail and custom printing and more.

“The Coalmarch team knows our industry and understands our customers’ needs, and through this partnership, we will be able to provide a wide range of effective marketing solutions that our customers will be able to leverage for ongoing success,” said Real Green Systems CEO Bill Nunan. “By making an investment in Lawnbot, we are excited to strengthen our relationship and support the growth and continued innovation to provide even better, more effective automation solutions that will help our customers grow their businesses.”

In addition to having access to the digital marketing integrations available through SA5, Real Green Systems customers will now be able to create a true closed-loop marketing strategy, enabling them to instantly respond to leads, improve close rates, drive more activity and lower their cost per customer acquisition. Coalmarch’s Digital Marketing solutions use professionally designed responsive websites and expert inbound marketing strategies including SEO, PPC, review generation and link building to deliver high-quality leads.

“I cannot tell you how excited we are about partnering with Real Green,” Donnie Shelton, CEO of Coalmarch Digital Marketing, said. “Our digital marketing and sales efficiency solutions have been helping lawn care companies get the right leads, close more sales and grow their businesses for more than a decade, and we look forward to bringing those solutions to create real growth for Real Green’s customers.”

Lawnbot’s AI-fueled sales tools enable Real Green Systems users to instantly respond to customers who want to find out more about their businesses through a quick chatbot conversation that is available 24/7. SA5 users can now tap into automated sales tools that will enable them to close more sales more quickly by offering instant, customized quotes based on lawn size, and the ability to order services and collect payments.

“We are thrilled to be engaging with Real Green to create an even stronger partnership to deliver even greater service and drive innovation,” Kendall Hines, CEO of Lawnbot, said. “Our goal is to make our products the best and easiest to use in the industry, and we are proud to provide a solution that lawn care companies of all sizes can use along with Service Assistant to automate everything from closing sales to accepting payments.”

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