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Recommender: Track loaders

March 2, 2020 -  By
Track loader in action (Photo: John Deere)

Photo: John Deere

What do you look for when you purchase or rent a track loader?

Photo: Matt Goldey

Matt Goldey

Matt Goldey

Project Estimator, Ocala Landscape Management
Ocala, Fla.

I would suggest looking at what dealers are nearby and choose from what is local. Don’t buy a piece of equipment if you can’t have it repaired or maintained by a local source. All manufacturers have their pros and cons, but if your machine breaks down, you need to be able to have it repaired in a timely manner.

Steve Mendez

Photo: Steve Mendez

Photo: Steve Mendez

Franchise owner, U.S. Lawns
St. Simons Island, Ga.

Case or Bobcat is what’s mostly available when it comes to track loaders. Tracks create fewer ruts and are easier to regrade. You can move materials with a bucket or add a tree attachment part to install trees. We like it when the loader has a scraper attached to the rear so we can scrape if necessary and have the ability to remove the front bucket if necessary.

Cole Knecht

Owner, Knecht With Nature

Photo: Cole Knecht

Photo: Cole Knecht

Lafayette, Ind.

We use John Deere 323Es for everything that we can. We need a machine that can lift 4,000 pounds safely. You’ve got to figure out what you need. I always say it’s better to get too big than too small. If you’re buying a new one, make sure you stay up on service. Don’t skimp on that because (machines) are quite expensive. You can prevent a lot of downtime with some simple maintenance.

Joseph Watruba

President, LDI Landscape
Warner Robins, Ga.

Output is No. 1 when it comes to purchasing a track loader. With any equipment purchase, make sure you understand what kind of production you will achieve with the unit and if it fits the application. We purchased our first ASV in 2005 and never looked back.

LM Staff

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