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Recommender: What equipment do you use for moving material on a job site?

December 2, 2020 -  By
Handling material using Mulch Mate equipment (Photo: Mulch Mate)

Implementing equipment to help move material can save on labor and help prevent strain injuries. (Photo: Mulch Mate)

What equipment do you use for moving material on a job site?

Headshot: Ryan Kuhn

Ryan Kuhn

Ryan Kuhn

Town & Country Lawn Service
Hartford, Wis.

“We use mulch, topsoil, river stone, granite — we’ve used all that and utilized the Mulch Mate on different jobs because it allows you to unload it so fast. Instead of doing the physical labor (of loading material), this saves a lot of time and obviously labor. We can do 6 tons in a truck and unload it in 25 minutes. The turnaround time on completing jobs is a lot faster. I was one of the first companies to place an order when Mulch Mate first started three years ago. I thought, after the first year, it paid for itself because my guys were happy they weren’t shoveling material twice. The feedback was great from them, and it made the job more fun and easier.”


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Photo: Smart Gate

Headshot: Steve Gipe

Steve Gipe

Steve Gipe

Cutting Edge Lawn Service
Myerstown, Pa.

“Instead of a guy in the back pushing and filling wheelbarrows, by pushing a button, you’re filling your truck. There’s nothing worse than shoveling stones out of a dump truck. By running a Smart Gate, we’re cutting down our time considerably. Smart Gate has a remote control that has a hook to it. We hook it onto the back of the truck, and the next guy presses a button, fills their wheelbarrow and goes. If you can press a button, you can operate it. We have one that’s installed on a hydraulic truck, and we use it for our mulch, stone and topsoil.”

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