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Recommender: What GPS tracking software do you use and why?

October 15, 2020 -  By
Map with GPS coordinate (illustration: reklamlar / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images)

GPS tracking software can help keep tabs on maintenance needs, crews and equipment. (Illustration: reklamlar / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images)

Recommender: What GPS tracking software do you use and why?

Headshot: Geoff Barham

Geoff Barham

Geoff Barham
Division Fleet Manager, LandCare
Frederick, Md.

“We use Fleet Complete. We use it because of its price point; it’s very convenient and easy to install, and the data that we need to pull off is easy to access. It ties into our maintenance software from our distributor, and it gets a mileage update daily, which triggers alerts for when things are due or past due.”

Eileen Falah
Fleet manager, Landscape Development Inc.
Valencia, Calif.

“Safety is our highest priority. We use Fleetlocate by Spireon to monitor our vehicles and drivers for speeding, harsh braking and hard acceleration. Fleetlocate has other tools that allow us to identify and analyze our routes and zones to make our driving more efficient and provide backup to our billing. It has a wide range of services that allow us to keep our drivers and those around them safe and our assets located at all times.”

Headshot: Mark Cohea

Mark Cohea

Mark Cohea
President, sales & marketing, LDC Management Groups
Lula, Ga.

“We’ve been using Reveal from Verizon Connect for a few years now. My whole company (uses) Verizon. They offered GPS (service) and came out and mounted them in all our trucks, equipment and sales vehicles. It’s a good app. It’s user friendly and updates rapidly. All my guys know I have it, so they know if they go over the speed limit, we get an alert at the office. We track our time at the job site and compare it with the GPS. We also like the geofencing you can put around a job site — it’ll send you an alert when someone pulls into a job and alerts you when they leave the geofence.”

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