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Recommender: What types of mowers and mower power/engines are you using?

May 8, 2020 -  By
Crew member mowing (Photo: Phoenix Landscape Management)

Whether a walk-behind or zero-turn, battery powered or gas, contractors look for easy maintenance and longevity out of their mowers. (Photo: Phoenix Landscape Management)

What types of mowers and mower power/engines are you using?

Chad Haney (Photo: The Yard Works Landscaping)

Chad Haney

Chad Haney

President & Sales, The Yard Works Landscaping
Avon Lake, Ohio

“We use Scag 61-inch Turf Tigers, a 72-inch Turf Tiger, and both have Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 37-hp engines. We also invested in stand-on, 61-inch V-Ride mulchers with a 29-hp Kohler engine, and 52 V-Ride stand-ons with Kohler 25-hp engines. We demoed all this equipment in the fall of 2018 before we bought them in the spring of last year — we’re really pleased with Scag mowers and these engines and haven’t had any issues.”

Jeremy Loadholdt (Photo: Phoenix Landscape Management)

Jeremy Loadholdt

Jeremy Loadholdt

Vice President – Charlotte, Phoenix Landscape Management
Charlotte, N.C.

“We have six crews running battery-powered equipment, and we purchased our first Greenworks 52-inch stand-on mower. All of our crews operate Greenworks GM210 battery push mowers. We’re letting our gas-powered equipment age out, eventually replacing them with battery power. The majority of our crews have battery-powered edgers, pruners, weed eaters and blowers. We want to experience the full spectrum of what’s out there as far as battery-powered equipment because we think the industry’s turning toward that.”

Adam Schlutt (Photo: MAAC Property Services)

Adam Schlutt

Adam Schlutt

President, MAAC Property Services
Niles, Mich.

“We use a mix of Exmark Lazer ZS mowers with Kohler propane engines. Our in-house mechanic says Kohler engines are always easy to work on. We use an Exmark dealer, and we try to put more on them as far as repairs go. We went with propane for our mowers because it’s a cleaner burn and we get more longevity out of the engine.”

Abby Hart

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