Recommender: What’s your favorite landscape lighting product and why?

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Cascade lights help illuminate pathways and steps. (Photo: McKay Landscape Lighting)

Cascade lights help illuminate pathways and steps. (Photo: McKay Landscape Lighting)

What’s your favorite landscape lighting product and why?

Jerry McKay

Jerry McKay

Jerry McKay
McKay Landscape Lighting
Omaha, Neb.

“We enjoy using Auroralight products. We have a great relationship with the people who make it. (They’re) high-end, specifier-grade fixtures. We use it because it sets us apart.

I’ve been using them since 2000. I would much rather pay more for something specifier grade because it lasts longer in the field. We want to put stuff out there that will stand the test of time. We really feel that Aurora backs us up with its warranty. It has one of the craziest warranties in the industry.

With Auroralight, we like the versatility, the quality, the little tiny fixtures for every little tiny thing you’d ever want to do. They make a fixture called a Cascade, which is one of our favorites. Cascade is really a unique fixture that attaches to walls and rocks. It does a wonderful job lighting up steps. It’s got a really unique look to it. Every time we install it, it’s one of those game-changers. We might have 50 fixtures on a site but have four or five Cascades.”

David Mull

David Mull

David Mull
Landscape architect
DiSabatino Landscaping
Wilmington, Del.

“I am very excited about a new LED fixture offered by FX Luminaire — the FC fixture. It is a flush-mount path light or area light. It can be used along a pool deck where the lawn meets the deck instead of a planting bed.

Normally, I like putting path lights into a plant bed so that there’s no potential damage from lawn mowers or string trimmers. But, in places where the homeowner may not want a plant bed or prefers the cleaner, contemporary look of lawn meeting the edge of the pool deck, the FC fixture is the answer.
FC’s shade comes in different-sized ‘light openings,’ so light can be directed from 90 degrees (on a corner) to 360 degrees (full circle). Because this fixture is flush mounted to the walk or patio surface, no ground stake needs straightening each spring because of frost heaving from the soil. All in all, the FC fixture looks like a great addition to our arsenal of LED area lights.”

Christina Herrick

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