Renaissance Irrigation ‘sole distributor’ of ETwater in Utah

October 2, 2013 -  By

ETwater, based in Novato, Calif., gained a distributor in Utah, Renaissance Irrigation.

The distributor plans to target companies with multiple locations such as homeowners associations, school districts and multi-national companies.

“While I was researching the sector, I encountered countless expensive smart irrigation systems that were being mismanaged by staff who did not understand how to use them, so there was no water savings and no ROI,” said David Singer, president of Renaissance Irrigation. “The ETwater family of products has excellent pricing, an easy-to-use interface and a fast ROI. These three factors came together to create the trifecta I was looking for in a product line for my company to represent.”

Pat McIntyre, CEO of ETwater, is equally looking forward to working with Renaissance Irrigation.

“As our sole distributor in the state of Utah, we know that Renaissance will provide leadership in bringing our products and services to new customers,” he said.

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