Reservoir launches 2 smart irrigation products

July 10, 2019 -  By
Photo: Reservoir

Photo: Reservoir

Reservoir, a company founded by University of Georgia Graduate Jesse Lafian, released two new smart irrigation products: Spoke and Aqua-Pin.

These products come during Smart Irrigation Month, an Irrigation Association initiative during the month of July.

Spoke is a long-range remote-control irrigation system that helps avoid using any wire on-site. Spoke is a wireless irrigation system that transmits upward of 4,000 feet non-line-of-sight.

Jay Stephens, president of Davis Landscape, said Spoke is a unique product. “A lot of other products talk about being wireless, meaning that you have remote access to the controller, but from the controller to the valves, there’s still wire,” he said. “With Spoke, there are no wires; your smartphone is the controller. If I can install irrigation systems and not have to run wire, that’s black magic.”

Aqua-Pin, which will be released soon, is a mobile app for users to map on-site equipment like valves, controllers, and sensors.

“With Aqua-Pin, a contractor can create and share maps of irrigation equipment with their employees and customers,” Lafian said. “This translates to improved service and water savings from being able to find and fix leaks quicker. Stopping a leak two hours sooner saves approximately 1,200 gallons.”

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