Review ladder safety this March with National Ladder Safety Month

(Photo courtesy of American Ladder Institute)
(Photo courtesy of American Ladder Institute)

The American Ladder Institute (ALI) will celebrate National Ladder Safety Month in March. The event is designed to raise awareness about ladder safety and encourages employers and employees to engage in annual ladder safety training.

The ALI’s Ladder Safety Training site serves as a resource for safety training with an organized curriculum, video and resource libraries for free.

After signing up, trainers and training managers can develop a custom dashboard, called a Trainer’s Toolbox, to select training and testing, assign them to trainees and monitor trainee performance and progress on the assignments. These dashboards can track everything from a handful of trainees for smaller organizations to hundreds for larger enterprises.

Topics covered include single and extension, articulated, mobile and stepladders, with courses available in English or Spanish.

The four weeks in March each year allow ALI to take deep dives into different aspects of ladder safety, focusing on one topic each week, to promote safety tips and training. This year’s topics include:

  • Week One – Training and awareness.
  • Week Two – Inspection and maintenance.
  • Week Three – Stabilization, setup and accessories.
  • Week Four – Safe climbing and positioning.
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