RoboUP’s robotic mower launches in the United States

RoboUP's T1200 Pro Robot Mower. (Photo: RoboUP)
RoboUP's T1200 Pro Robot Mower. (Photo: RoboUP)

RoboUP, a robotic lawn care solution manufacturer, launched the T1200 Pro robot mower in the United States.

The second-generation robot mower is designed to deliver precision and adaptability for multi-zone management, while maintaining quiet operation. Users can map out up to 10 separate areas in your garden and customize and schedule mowing sessions on the RoboUP app. The RoboUP T1200 Pro also allows you to adjust mowing heights and angles for each zone directly in the app. Additional features of the T1200 include a wire-free setup, path planning, parallel mowing and auto-recharge features.

Current offers on the company’s website include:

  • T1200 Pro super early bird special: For $19.99, customers will receive a $400 voucher for the T1200 Pro and a complimentary sprinkler.
  • RoboUP co-creators program: Connect with RoboUP engineers and fellow enthusiasts for the future development of robot mowers and win prizes.
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