S4 Lights introduces NxG

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NxG (Photo: S4 Lights)

NxG (Photo: S4 Lights)

S4 Lights, a fully integrated designer and manufacturer of commercial decorative lighting solutions, unveiled NxG, a product innovation proven to extend the life and enhance the performance of commercial decorative light strings.

The vast majority of decorative light strings feature a semi-manually manufactured molded husk, surrounding a lower-grade LED. Considered to be commercial grade and highly water resistant, this husk construction can be prone to water ingress, which can result in string failure or GFCI tripping. What’s more, the lower-grade LED provides inconsistent lumen output, affecting the overall look and design of lighting projects.

NxG’s epoxy-filled molded husk is manufactured through a fully automated and multipatented process. This new design offers a superior seal proven to prevent water ingress. The newly designed husk is also slightly longer and sleeker than competitors’ husks, enabling the points of light to stand out.

To address lumen performance, decorative light strings with NxG include an advanced grade LED. Laboratory tests show the lumen performance of light strings with NxG outperform non-NxG light strings by more than 20 percent when tested at 504 hours and more than 50 percent when tested at 1128 hours. This enhancement allows lights to shine longer with greater color consistency and performance. Underwriters Laboratory considers one season 90 days or 1,000 hours, whichever comes first.

With the introduction of NxG, S4 Lights is the only manufacturer to offer a four-season warranty for its strings that come with NxG construction. Decorative light strings from resellers or other manufacturers only offer a maximum three-season warranty.

“We’ve spent years researching and testing how to make the traditional 5mm decorative light string,” said S4 Lights vice president of product development Jason Loomis. “The result is NxG, which represents the next generation of decorative light strings. We are excited to usher in this new day in decorative lighting.”

NxG is currently offered through S4 Light’s flagship Benchmark Series of decorative light strings, a 120-v system of LED components that offers easy installation and multiple color options and design effects. NxG is available with Benchmark’s standard plug series and coupling series and comes in our most popular color options.

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