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SafetyWatch: Avoiding performance issues on the job

February 13, 2020 -  By
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Consider the following items when evaluating why employees may not have met their performance standards

1. They don’t know what they’re supposed to do. Make sure crews understand their responsibilities.

2. They fear negative consequences for doing their job. Some crew members may resent an ambitious coworker and pressure him or her to do less.

3. They don’t understand the importance of doing the job properly. Tasks can seem irrelevant if someone doesn’t understand how they fit into the bigger picture.

4. They don’t want to do it your way.It’s important to listen to crew members’ ideas, but they need to understand why things should be done a certain way.

5. Work well done isn’t being rewarded. Praise and recognition can be great motivators, but the opposite is true as well. Also, be sure to praise people equally.

6. There aren’t any negative consequences for nonperformance. If someone gets away with subpar work or poor work habits, there’s no incentive to do better.

7. They have the wrong priorities, or priorities keep changing. It can be frustrating for crew members when things are inconsistent and don’t make sense.

8. They have personal limitations that keep them from reaching an acceptable performance level. Maybe an employee doesn’t have enough training, has a physical or emotional issue that limits performance or the job is simply overwhelming and hasn’t been broken down into reasonable chunks or tasks.

9. They are frustrated by poor management. Yes, you could be part of the problem.

10. They need more training. Sometimes crews are thrown into the deep end without enough know-how.

11. They don’t get enough feedback or there isn’t enough accountability. Sometimes crew members don’t know they aren’t doing well.

12. They simply aren’t a good fit with the crew or organization. Your difficult crew member may have been hired based on experience or a set of skills, but he or she may have an approach that doesn’t work for your company culture.

Source: Greenius

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