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SafetyWatch: Generator Safety

September 10, 2018 -  By

It’s important to keep the following safety tips in mind when using a generator.

Before using a generator, you need to be sure it’s fueled up. Remember:

  • Never add gasoline when the unit is running or when the unit is warm.
  • Don’t fill the tank all the way to the top. Leave an inch or two so the gas has room to expand when the generator heats up.
  • If you spill fuel, clean it up immediately.
  • Check the oil before you begin. If it’s low, fill it up.

Before you start the generator, make sure it’s on flat, firm ground. Don’t use the generator indoors or in an unventilated location.

Point the exhaust port away from houses, buildings and other structures. Always keep at least a 1-meter gap between the generator and any buildings. Make sure all loads are removed from the generator if this is not the first use of the day.

To start the generator,

  • Open the fuel valve.
  • Move the voltage selector switch to 120 volts.
  • Put the ignition switch to the “run” position.
  • Open the choke.
  • Pull the starter cord.

If you need to switch voltage selections, shut the generator off first. Make sure the main breaker is shut off, switch the voltages and turn the machine back on again.

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