SafetyWatch: Hedge trimmer safety

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Powered hedge trimmers, also known as gas trimmers, gas shears or hedge clippers, present many safety hazards.white_cover

Before starting a hedge trimmer, check the following items.

  • The condition of the hedge trimmer: Do you see any damage that may affect its performance and safe operation? For example, make sure the spark plug boot is secure to avoid sparks and possible ignition of spilled fuel.
  • Test the throttle trigger to make sure it’s in good working order, that it doesn’t stick or isn’t too loose.
  • Inspect for missing or worn guards.
  • Inspect for loose parts, such as nuts and screws on cutting bars.
  • Ensure the blade is not cracked, bent or warped.
  • Ensure the blades are sharp and safe to use. Always check with the engine off.
  • Check fuel; make sure there’s enough for the job. It’s safer to refuel a cool engine than a hot one.
  • Check that your fuel type is correct. The trimmer in this module uses a gas-oil mixture.

Source: LS Training System,

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