SafetyWatch: Leaf blower tips

November 10, 2016 -  By

Before you use a leaf blower, consider these guidelines.

  • Be considerate of bystanders and adjoining property owners—never blow in the direction of people, pets, roads, vehicles and buildings. And never blow at open doors or windows.
  • When people approach, stop working until they pass.
  • Be aware of who and what is around you at all times. It is easy to trip, bump or walk into something, including traffic.
  • Know and observe your local laws and regulations regarding power equipment. Your supervisor will explain the guidelines you have to follow.
  • Be aware that you may not hear an approaching car.
  • Use only as much throttle power as necessary to do the job.
  • Blowers rarely need to be used at full throttle in residential areas, except when moving large volumes of leaves.
  • If you create dust, don’t allow it to settle upon any nearby people or properties. Pay close attention to cars. Blow dust off when done.
  • Be sure to blow lightly. It doesn’t take much power to blow dust off objects.
  • Blow with the prevailing wind, if possible. If you have no choice but to blow into the wind, do so cautiously, keeping in mind that you might be making a mess.

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