SafetyWatch: Plan for plowing

December 12, 2018 -  By

When performing snow removal services, it’s important to plan ahead for your crew’s safety and your clients’ safety.

The first step is to take a look at a site plan, either on the computer or on paper. It’s especially helpful to see a plan where pavement markings and obstructions haven’t been covered over by snow. Google Earth can be a good place to start. Sometimes, clients will provide an official overview of the site for you to use.

On certain sites, you may plan to plow when all the businesses are closed. An after-hours plan can be called a “full push” or “full plow,” meaning the entire lot will be plowed when the business is closed. A full push is typically the easiest plan to perform because there usually aren’t cars or pedestrians in the way.

Secondary plans can have different names. For example, you may have one for keeping the traffic lanes passable during a daytime snow event, or you may have another plan called “rush open,” which goes into effect when snow falls around opening time and you have to make a quick pass before moving to another site.

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