SafetyWatch: Pressure washer safety

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Keep the following items in mind before using a pressure washer.

Pressure washers are driven by gas engines, which produce potentially toxic and dangerous fumes. Never start or operate the pressure washer in an unventilated or confined space. Additionally, the operator should always wear eye protection when using a pressure washer.

Inspect the hoses and nozzles before beginning. Also check the gasoline and oil levels and fill with the fuel and oil recommended by the equipment’s owner’s manual. Do a quick site check of the area and remove debris.

Connect the water supply to the water intake and tighten. Next, connect the high-pressure hose and trigger assembly. Make sure all connections are secure.

Next, turn on the water. Water will run into the system at that time, so the operator will want to squeeze the trigger to release air pressure in the hoses and gun assembly.

To start the motor:

  • Open the fuel valve and the choke;
  • Set the throttle to maximum;
  • Switch the engine button or lever to “on”;
  • Point the sprayer toward a safe place and squeeze the trigger again to release freshly built-up pressure;
  • While squeezing the trigger, pull the cord; and
  • When the engine starts, close the choke again.

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