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SafetyWatch: Securing a trailer load

June 2, 2017 -  By

Here are a few guidelines for loading and securing your landscape equipment trailer. Remember to check with your state or province for specific regulations.

  • Load larger and heavier equipment first, and move it to the front of the trailer. Load smaller equipment last. It may be damaged if you load it in front of heavier equipment.
  • Next, secure the equipment. Push it against the front of the trailer, then secure the group of equipment at the back with a transport strap. It’s important that it be packed together sensibly so it doesn’t move when you brake or accelerate.
  • Store handheld equipment and hand tools on special racks. Remember, you can do serious damage to small equipment if it’s not secured. At the very least, a piece of small equipment should be wedged into a spot where it can’t move from the inertial forces of hard braking, accelerating or turning.
  • You also must secure soil, mulch, grass clippings or leaves, which are often carried in the bed of the truck. A mesh fabric tarp is commonly used to secure these materials. The mesh allows some wind to pass through so the debris stays put, but the tarp itself doesn’t blow away.

Source: Greenius

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