SafetyWatch: Shoveling techniques

video: LS Training System
video: LS Training System

whiteFollow these important tips to preserve your strength and not strain or injure yourself while shoveling.

  • Never use a shovel that’s too large. It requires excessive effort and tires you out. Use the largest shovel that you’re comfortable with and that’s easy on your back. Use large shovels for light snow dustings and little scoops for heavy snow events.
  • Push snow whenever possible, and lift it sparingly.
  • When shoveling, lift and move snow with your legs and knees, not with your back. Bend at the knees and lift, and focus on letting your legs do the work.
  • Keep a reasonable pace: Eight to 12 hours of shoveling is a long, strenuous shift. Don’t over-exert yourself in the first few hours and leave yourself without energy for the rest of the shift. Start your shift shoveling slowly to give your muscles a chance to stretch and warm up.
  • Refuel with healthy food and water during your shift. Overloading on coffee leads to dehydration.

Video courtesy of LS Training System

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