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SafetyWatch: Trim safely

October 17, 2017 -  By

To run a trimmer safely, operators must wear various pieces of personal protection equipment.

These items include safety glasses with side shields; ear plugs or muffs; gloves, if conditions call for them; pants; a shirt or jacket that fits firmly with no strings, frills or dangling straps; and approved safety shoes or boots with nonslip soles, a protected toe and shank. Also remember to tie back long hair.

Make sure you operate the trimmer so it doesn’t produce excessive power and noise. Don’t run the engine hard unnecessarily. Only accelerate the engine for cutting and provide only enough throttle to do the job.

Always have both hands on the handles. Don’t operate the trimmer with one hand. It’s difficult to keep a trimmer balanced and pointed in the correct operating position with one hand.
Shut down the trimmer immediately if the unit starts to shake or vibrate. A sudden vibration is a sign something is wrong with the trimmer. Sometimes this sign indicates that something has wrapped itself around the cutting head. Don’t use the trimmer until the obstruction has been properly removed or the damage is repaired.

When trimming, try to plan your route so you won’t have to retrace your steps. Walk slowly and carefully and give the trimmer time to cut. Rushing may simply bend the grass over.

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