SafetyWatch: Use a snow blower properly

January 12, 2017 -  By

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.54.55 AMThere are a few important things to know about using a snow blower:

⦁ Carefully manage where the snow discharges by controlling the direction of the discharge chute and angle of the deflector. Be sure to adjust them as you approach
unwanted targets.

⦁ The blower can pick up anything from the surface it’s cleaning, including rocks, pet chains and electrical cords. This is a common hazard, and you must be vigilant.

⦁ The force of the snow or other objects coming from the chute can damage valuable things like the paint on a car. It can break a window or injure a person. Never allow the discharged snow to strike anything other than the ground or an existing snow pile. Even allowing the discharged snow to cover a brick wall, for example, appears careless. It’s not appropriate to do so.

⦁ To make the blower propel itself, simply engage the paddles by collapsing the paddle control bar against the main handle.

⦁ If you tilt the blower handle slightly forward, the snow blower will begin moving forward. You can now begin clearing snow.

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