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More than half of small to medium sized businesses fail after their five-year mark, according to a recent study by Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Center, Bradley University and University of Tennessee.

Schedule 2 Win may help combat that trend. It’s a cloud-based business tool that helps small to medium sized businesses make important decisions through an understanding of their daily profit picture.

Schedule 2 Win allows businesses to drag and drop employees into a project and immediately see the impact on their net profit. With this information, an owner or manager can know whether they’ll need more man power, have the equipment and resources to get all the work done and if they’ll hit their revenue targets for a given week, month or year.

“Every day, many businesses make gut-level decisions on how to schedule their employees and equipment. Many times these decisions are not the most profitable,” said Brad Groff, Schedule 2 Win co-founder and owner of River Valley Landscape & Pools. “Schedule 2 Win gives business owners and managers real-time information so they can make the best decisions and increase their rate of success.”

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