Scythe Robotics eclipses 5,000 reservations for its electric, autonomous mower

May 26, 2022 -  By
Scythe's M.52 autonomous, fully electric mower (Photo: Scythe Robotics).

Scythe’s M.52 autonomous, fully electric mower. (Photo: Scythe Robotics)

Scythe Robotics, a creator of commercial-grade autonomous solutions for the landscaping industry, said the company surpassed 5,000 reservations for its all-electric, fully autonomous commercial mower, Scythe M.52.

“The excitement that landscape contractors have displayed for M.52 shows the direction the market is moving,” said Jack Morrison, co-founder and CEO of Scythe. “The industry is hungry for technology solutions that not only solve some of its biggest needs like labor and productivity but also deliver the environmental benefits of zero emissions and quieter mowing.”

According to the company, the M.52 is designed to be more reliable, productive and smarter by integrating autonomy with a commercial-grade, all-electric design.

The mower features a suite of sensors that enable it to operate safely in typical landscaping environments by identifying and responding to the presence of humans, animals and other potential obstacles. The M.52 also captures property and mower performance data, which helps landscape contractors improve workflow, identify upsell opportunities, schedule more efficiently and manage labor costs.

Scythe said it will continue to accept reservations for M.52 as it ramps manufacturing over the next 18 months and reaches full-scale production in 2025. Until then, Scythe will work with contractors to prepare their operations for robots, addressing infrastructure needs like the electrical and internet services at their facilities and getting their teams trained on the technology.

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