Second gen Slope-Pro mower available

Slope-Pro steep slope mower
Progressive Turf Equipment released the second generation Slope-Pro steep slope mower.

Progressive Turf Equipment released the second generation Slope-Pro steep slope mower last year. The original model was introduced in 2012. In addition to other upgrades, the mower features the company’s Hi-Drive track design.

The Slope-Pro is stable operating on side slopes up to 50 degrees. It features a 52-inch wide cut with twin counter rotating blades, on-the-fly height adjustment and 0-4.5 mph travel speeds.

“The Slope-Pro can work on slopes too steep for a person or a ride-on mower,” said Luke Janmaat, president of Progressive Turf Equipment. “Separating the operator from the machine allows the maintenance of difficult or hazardous locations without risk to the operator that is often associated with ride-on type mowers or manual cutting methods, and it does not require spike-equipped tracks or winch lines like other remote controlled mowers do, so it’s more productive and easier on the turf.”

Progressive said its Hi-Drive track system provides significant advantages over other rubber tracked or even wheel based steep slope mower designs, including additional “track on the ground,” which is designed to provide a smooth ride; a large and light footprint to minimize ground compaction; dual flange front and rear idlers and dual flange lower rollers, designed to provide track alignment and stability; an on-board jacking system that makes tensioning of the tracks simple and fast; and more.

In addition to the Hi-Drive system, Progressive said it has worked with users to implement the following upgrades:

  • Revised lift geometry designed to make both the cut height setting easier to judge and adjustment more responsive to the operator’s input;
  • Top mounted brush guards to protect the strobe light and antenna and lower guards to protect the pump drive belts; and
  • Remote mounted battery boost terminals under a lockable hood.

Photo: Progressive Turf Equipment

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