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SGS Hawaii joins LandOpt

August 10, 2018 -  By

LandOpt logoSGS Hawaii joined LandOpt, becoming the fifth LandOpt contractor in seven months.

“I believe LandOpt can help us refine and redefine our systems to assist us as we begin to scale up again,” said owner Sidney Sparkman. “Being in Hawaii offers us limited training opportunities for our key management team. I am hopeful that LandOpt as well as the network will open up vast training opportunities.”

SGS Hawaii is a provider of landscape services specializing in resort management in the state of Hawaii. As part of the Network, the company looks to improve productivity, strengthen internal procedures and expand the business.

“I am looking to grow SGS at a minimum of 50 percent in the next five years,” Sparkman said.

The SGS Hawaii also looks forward to using Salesforce and connecting with like-minded individuals via whole-team peer-to-peer collaboration, according to LandOpt.

“The continued growth of the LandOpt Network with companies like SGS is a testament to the fact that even mature companies have a need for continuous improvement,” said Don Evans, LandOpt president. “Sidney is making an investment in his team—he has a vision for where SGS is going and is humble enough to know he needs additional resources to get him there. We look forward to partnering with Sidney and the SGS team on this exciting journey.”

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