Signature Control Systems releases micro irrigation product line

September 8, 2015 -  By

Photo: Signature Control Systems

Signature Control Systems (SCS), an irrigation manufacturer headquartered in Irvine, Calif., released a new line of micro irrigation products. The line will offer more efficient water use when irrigating shrubs, lawns, container plants and flower beds, the company said.

“Unlike conventional sprayhead nozzles, which often disperse water at much higher rates than necessary and become inefficient with wind, our new pressure compensating micro-spray technology ensures uniform water spray and disbursement rates, regardless of the actual pressure coming in from the source,” said Brian Smith, CEO of SCS.

The new products also are designed to more effectively target specific plants.

The new micro irrigation products include drippers, mini bubblers, drip spikes, sprays, jet sprays and sprinklers.

Photo: Signature Control Systems

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