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SIMA publishes Standard Glossary of Terms

September 17, 2015 -  By

The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) launched the Snow & Ice Management Standard Glossary of Terms, a document defining industry terms and providing tools for RFPs and contracts. The glossary is a result of the yearly SIMA Standards Think Tank.

The document is available at

“Most associations that produce such material tend to keep it close to the vest, so only those who pay get to play,” said COO Brian Birch. “We have made a strategic decision to put this glossary out there for all stakeholders to access, including insurance, facilities management, legal, suppliers and snow contractors. Long term, we hope to build a more integrated and useful web resource that enables people to find the terms they need, link to other related terms and get access to more critical information on key items.”

The glossary features more than 100 terms and was edited by a paid legal reviewer and professionals across the industry. Industry feedback will further refine the terms, SIMA said, calling the document a “working body of knowledge.”

The Snow & Ice Symposium in June will feature a glossary adoption training session to help industry members understand and adopt the terms and ideas in the glossary.

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