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SIMA releases first alterations to Glossary

February 22, 2016 -  By

The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) completed its first quarterly review of its Glossary of terms, adding and modifying six terms.

Since SIMA launched its Glossary of Terms in September, it has stressed transparency, often referring to the Glossary as “a living document.” The association will hold quarterly reviews to address any questions and concerns regarding the document.

The following terms were added to the Glossary of Terms, according to the association:

  • Pickled Grit—Grit/sand that has been treated with a deicer at the stockpile (added to the Chemical and Material Terms section);
  • Snow Response Plan—a written service response plan for a site that outlines specific actions based on the Resource Allocation Projection and Site Engineering Plan. The plan may include contingencies tied to Level of Service priorities, weather intensity and pre- or post-storm preparation (added to the Operations and Service section);
  • Cake (verb)—Forming of a crust or lump(s)/clumping in a solid deicer material (e.g. The salt was caking in the spreader.) (added to the Chemical and Material Terms section); and
  • Anticaking Agent—An additive typically added to deicer material to prevent caking/clumping (added to the Chemical and Material Terms section). 

The association also modified the following terms:

  • Sleet was modified to add the synonym ‘Ice Pellets;’
  • Zero Tolerance was modified from its current definition (A Level of Service that typically requires bare pavement or minimal accumulation at all times) to the following: A general term used to describe a low tolerance for snow and ice accumulation levels on a site or Service Area. The descriptor alone does not designate a Level of Service. See Level of Service, Trigger Depth, Accumulation Threshold, and Completion Time(s) for definitions related to Level of Service outcomes;
  • Zero Tolerance was also moved from the Contractual, Documentation and Legal Terms section to the Operations and Service section.

Download a the latest version of SIMA’s Glossary of Terms here.

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