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LESCO PolyPlus

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LESCO® PolyPlus Extended Release and PolyPlus Season Long fertilizers are helping landscape professionals promote a healthier greening response, use less labor and build a more successful business.

Nitrogen is one of the key building blocks of plant nutrition. But this valuable nutrient is often overused—or not used to its full potential—in traditional fertilizers. Through a controlled, metered release, LESCO® PolyPlus fertilizers maximize nitrogen’s benefits, delivering a host of advantages, starting with a healthier, longer-lasting green.

LESCO® PolyPlus is allowing turf professionals around the country to:

  • Maximize root health and minimize thatch.
  • Reduce nitrogen leaching and water usage.
  • Decrease mowings and clippings.
  • Lower equipment maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Take on more customers while minimizing labor costs.
  • Get more value out of every bag.

LESCO PolyPlus

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