Smart irrigation products from Calsense now integrated into Land F/X Landscape design software

Land F/X software users can now access and specify Calsense smart irrigation products.

Products from smart irrigation industry provider Calsense have been integrated into Land F/X, a software company serving the landscape architecture and irrigation system design community. Using Land F/X software, designers can now access and specify Calsense products. This includes the CS3000 cloud-connected irrigation controller and management system, along with Flowsense flow monitoring technology.

Using Land F/X’s CAD add-on Irrigation F/X software allows users to access current data from manufacturer catalogs, place equipment, and draw pipe, calculating pressure and flow automatically.

Father-and-son team David and Jeremiah Farmer founded Land F/X in the 1990s to enable the easy integration of AutoCAD into the landscape architecture workflow.

“We’re extremely pleased and proud to be able to bring Calsense products to Land F/X users,“ said Calsense Chief Technical Expert, David Meehan. “Our technology, including the CAD drawings for our products, is now easily accessible on the platform, which allows irrigation designers and landscape architects to incorporate them into their system plans via Irrigation F/X.”

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