SnowEx intros UTV spreader

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SnowEx introduced the new V-Pro 2000 bulk spreader, designed to accommodate the bed dimensions of most UTVs.

The V-Pro 2000 has a multi-angled hopper, which can carry 11 cubic feet and 800 pounds of salt or sand/salt mixture. According to SnowEx, the design creates a natural material vortex for maximum flow from the top of the hopper to the auger and helps prevent bridging and clogging.

Made from polyethylene, the spreader’s construction makes it lighter and prevents corrosion. The spreader also features a quick-connect spinner drive assembly, designed for easy access to the hitch. The V-Pro 2000 also uses a direct drive system to the auger, and its cab-mounted dual variable-speed controller gives the operator control over material flow and an adjustable spread pattern up to 30 feet.

The V-Pro 2000 comes with a top screen that keeps large clumps of salt out of the hopper and a fitted tarp. Optional accessories include a pre-wet liquid tank system.

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