SnowWolf debuts QuattroPlow at SIMA show

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SnowWolf, a Burnsville, Minn.-based snow removal equipment manufacturer, unveiled the QuattroPlow June 23 at the Snow & Ice Management Association’s 19th annual Snow & Ice Symposium in Providence, R.I.

The QuattroPlow gives the operator four distinct functions—a hydraulic angle snow pusher, angle and straight plow with wings, wide angle plow with wings and a backdrag plow—in one piece of equipment. The operator also has the power to choose his or her desired function without leaving the cab or even pushing a button. A fifth function is available by leaving the cab and repositioning the wing cylinders.

SnowWolf Director and General Manager Mark Holman said the plow affords greater profit potential by saving snow removal contractors the time and effort of removing and reconnecting different attachments.

“Operators can move more snow to the right places in the same time or less with a QuattroPlow,” Holman said. “This four-in-one equipment delivers greater capacity, efficiency, flexibility and maneuverability in everything from tight driveways to massive parking lots. It’s simply four times the plow or pusher of anything out there right now.”

The fifth function, wide angle plowing, can be achieved in 60 seconds or less by repositioning the wing cylinders on each side of the plow so the wings will only rotate back by 90 degrees. This extends the plow by 23 inches on each end for even greater capacity when straight and angle plowing. For example, an 8½-foot QuattroPlow with the wings in the wide-angle position will be 12 feet, 2 inches wide.

SnowWolf also incorporated 35-degree-angle tips on the QuattroPlow’s wings to provide greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows caused by trickling from the ends of the plow, regardless of the direction the machine is moving.

The QuattroPlow is available in widths of 8½ to 12½ feet when the wings are in the snowpusher position. The snowplow is ideal for machines that weigh 6,000-14,000 lbs., such as skid-steers, compact wheel loaders and tractors with loaders.


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