Solu-Cal with Fertilizer Applications

Solu-Cal Fertiziler

Fertilizer applications with Solu-Cal give turf a double dose of vital nutrients. Each formula delivers a precise amount of soluble Calcium and PHCA Organic Humic/Fulvic Acid, with the ideal N-P-K ratio for turf coming out of summer dormancy and for fall applications.


  • 20-0-0 30 percent UFLEXX with Solu-Cal: Delivers 20 percent soluble calcium
  • 18-0-5 All Mineral with Solu-Cal: All Mineral formula for quick fall response
  • 12-0-4 30 percent SCU with Solu-Cal: Delivers full maintenance rate of Solu-Cal along with 1 lb. N (30 percent XCU) based on 6,000 sq. ft. coverage
  • 6-12-6 with Solu-Cal 22 percent calcium: Premium Starter supplying critical soluble calcium for increased seedling density

Solu-Cal Products are university tested and industry proven.


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