Logo: Anuvia Plant NutrientsLawn care managers seeking more sustainable, year-round solutions for creating greener, lusher lawns can now benefit from three new sustainable plant nutrition products from Anuvia Plant Nutrients.

Anuvia recently announced its new GreenTRX family of products — GreenTRX90, GreenTRX75 and GreenTRX60 — to provide more options for lawn care professionals looking for more sustainable and high-performing fertility for their clients’ lawns. The products are designed to effectively and economically fill the gaps from early spring though summer and into fall.

Steve Murray

Steve Murray

“Rarely does it occur that a lawn care company can tell its customers that it has a new plant nutrition product that truly makes a big difference,” says Steve Murray, manager at McCall Service, headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. “Using GreenTRX, we saw improvements in both performance for more aesthetic lawns and sustainability for soil health and the environment. Sustainability is absolutely important to our geography with its extensive waterways and environmental regulations.”

McCall Service is a third-generation, family-owned business that operates in more than 30 municipalities. The business delivers lawn care and pest management to commercial and residential customers throughout Florida and other nearby coastal states.

“GreenTRX offers a marketing advantage. It impacts customer satisfaction when their lawns look greener, and they know their property is being improved using sustainable products,” Murray says.

Anuvia GreenTRX family of products (Photo: Anuvia Plant Nutrients)

The Anuvia GreenTRX family of products: GreenTRX90 placed at top left, GreenTRX75 at the bottom and GreenTRX60 at top right (Photo: Anuvia Plant Nutrients).

Unlike traditional fertilizers, GreenTRX is bio-based with no filler and no uncoated urea, reducing volatility, leaching and GhG. The new GreenTRX options supply balanced nutrition of nitrogen, potash, sulfur and iron to jumpstart grass and slowly release nutrients to feed plants when they need them the most.

With 16 years of experience in the fertilizer business, Murray knows how products work. “I personally like knowing GreenTRX spreads evenly,” he says. “And, I’m getting the most from my money because every prill contains effective nutrients — no filler.

“Conversely, if you spread 1,000 prills of uncoated urea and filler over 100 square feet, somewhere in that area, a nutrient is not applied. Uncoated urea is more likely to volatize, impacting air and water quality and reducing return on the fertilizer investment.”

Photo: iStock.com/Rouzes

Justin Berg

Justin Berg

Justin Berg echoes similar observations about GreenTRX. Berg is president of Purple Care, Fort Worth, Tex. Nine years ago, Berg joined as partner in Purple Care and has grown the lawn care business from one truck and 200 hundred customers to its current 65 employees, 30 trucks and 5,000 customers.

“Our customers mostly care about a green, thick lawn, yet they also respect our efforts to use sustainable products,” Berg says. “We want to be out in front of sustainability while also delivering the high-performance we see with GreenTRX.”

“Every prill of GreenTRX is useable nutrients, and we’re not applying anything extra,” he says. “Our company is not into quick fixes and excessive applications. Purple Care wants sustainable solutions, and Anuvia is already at the forefront.”

Berg agrees that many fertilizers are not efficiently used by plants and volatilize into the atmosphere. “With the organic matter in GreenTRX, we can help balance our high pH soils, make them healthier by keeping nutrients in place and increase microbial activity in the soil.

Justin Berg on GreenTRX (Graphic: LM Staff)“Our GreenTRX lawns are a deeper, thicker green. The nutrients last longer, and we don’t see the dip that sometimes occurs between applications. GreenTRX holds up against 100-degree Texas heat stress. We’ve reduced nitrogen use, and we don’t worry about burn.”

Berg adds, “Our industry needs to think bigger, and we have a responsibility to be more sustainable. GreenTRX can help us get there with better performance and reduced environmental impact.”

To learn more about the GreenTRX family of products, visit www.greentrxadvantage.com.

Photo: Anuvia Plant Nutrients
Anuvia’s new GreenTRX products are bio-based with no filler and no uncoated urea. (Photo: Anuvia Plant Nutrients)

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