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Solutions for LCOs.

Quali-Pro is constantly expanding and evolving. You might have heard the name or seen a label in passing, but a lot has changed. The company, which is supported by its multinational parent company Adama, now has one of the broadest portfolios of products in the industry, so now is a good time to take notice.

Supported by a strong backbone of products like broadleaf weed herbicide 3-D, Quali-Pro has spent the past several years developing new solutions that are convenient, effective and economical.

Convenience is key

Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Keeping the end-user in mind is one of the main motivators for the Quali-Pro team. They listen to customer feedback, connect with distributors and rely on their own industry knowledge and experience to develop products that not only work, but are practical.

“I know from my experience on the landscape and commercial turf side of things, convenience is pretty valuable,” says Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D., technical services manager for Quali- Pro. “You don’t have the luxury of being at a facility mixing up stuff. You’re often mixing on-site out of a vehicle, without some of the conveniences you might have at the shop.”

This is how Quali-Pro’s line of combination chemistry products was born. You might be familiar with two of the products in this line: Negate and Fahrenheit.

Both products eliminate the need to do calculations and tank mixing in the field, because the formulation is simple: one bottle for one acre.

Photos: Quali-Pro

Quali-Pro’s broad product portfolio is expanding with Doxem IG. Left: A close-up of the bait granules. Right: A 25 lb. bag of Doxem IG. (Photos: Quali-Pro)

The newest innovation is Doxem IG, a granular bait developed to eliminate mole crickets.

It is not a restricted-use product and it doesn’t have a strong chemical or pesticide-like smell, which means you can use it anywhere — residential homes, parks or schools.

“A lot of the stuff that’s effective on mole crickets come with pretty strong odors and/or restrictions on where and how you can use it, so it’s a big win for LCOs in that sense,” says Rodriguez.

Available in 25-pound bags, or a 4-pound shaker, Doxem IG doesn’t require any mixing. Simply add the granular bait to a spreader and apply to the infected area. It is also weather resistant for up to two weeks.

The cost-savings of granular fungicide Strobe Pro G have been a significant asset to Chesapeake Lawn Science. (Photo: Chesapeake Lawn Science)

Solutions that don’t break the bank

Rob DeBonis

Rob DeBonis

The landscape market is highly competitive and with labor shortages continuing to be a persistent issue, offering lower-cost solutions to LCOs can make a world of difference.

“Labor is a very difficult thing to deal with in the landscape industry so anywhere you can offer some savings with the same efficacy is a win-win for the lawn care folks,” says Rodriguez.

Rob DeBonis, owner and president of Chesapeake Lawn Science in Highland, Md., has seen convenience and cost-savings firsthand with granular fungicide Strobe Pro G.

“It’s worked really well for brown patch and it’s easy to apply,” says DeBonis. “It’s not dusty, which is huge.”

Graphic: LM StaffWhile comparable to other products on the market, DeBonis says he sees significant savings with Strobe Pro G. So much so that for the 2020 season, he purchased 20 80-bag pallets.

But the products themselves aren’t the main reason he chooses to use Quali-Pro products.

“Even though they are a bigger company, they seem to have more of a small-business-minded focus,” says DeBonis. “Some companies don’t want to come out and meet with me, so Quali-Pro seems more proactive in wanting to establish relationships with their customers.”

Looking ahead

Quali-Pro isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the product development department. Whether it’s creating a brand-new product, or making an existing solution better, Quali-Pro always keeps the end-user in mind.

Graphic: LM Staff“Some of us at Quali-Pro, including myself, have spent years spraying lawns and pushing a spreader, and I see that as an advantage.” says Rodriguez. “The first thing in my mind is, ‘Would I use this?’”

And that value is what truly sets Quali-Pro apart.

“There’s value to be had with our line,” says Rodriguez. “You’ll find the sales and product support is there as well. Sometimes people may be surprised by that. We take our products seriously and stand behind them.”

Save more with Quali-Pro’s revamped EOP

The new Early Order Program (EOP) will bring even more savings to LCOs because Quali-Pro will now pay out on products, regardless of product level.

Logo: Quali-Pro

Logo: Quali-Pro

As long as there is $100 total rebate involved — from purchased base products or platinum products — the rebate is paid out.

“We listened to distribution and their feedback from their customers and then we reached out to those people as well to hear from them directly,” says Nick Strain, business director for Quali-Pro. “This new program allows landscape company owners to purchase 80 percent of their needs and get the best price.”

This feedback also led to extending the timeframe for this year’s program. Landscape owners now have from August 15 until November 30 to participate.

Learn more at: SimplyGrowTogether.com.

Stay tuned this November for the third installment of our three-part series, “Innovative, Effective and Supported: Solutions for LCOs.”

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