Steel Green Manufacturing: SG52 Zero-Turn Sprayer/Spreader

April 12, 2019 -  By
Photo: Steel Green Manufacturing

Photo: Steel Green Manufacturing

Feel the power and productivity of the SG52 zero-turn sprayer/spreader machine.

With its dual 30-gal. spray tanks, Spyker 225-lb. hydraulic-driven granular system, and high-density poly fertilizer trays, the SG52 holds up to 60 gal. of liquid and 325 lbs. of granular product.

Steel Green machines come standard with a decked out 21-hp engine and a powerful 20/50 amp charging system to give operators the ability to run a high-volume pump and other attachments. For brakes that hold (even on hills), our wheel motors have integrated drum brakes, and our 22-in. commercial grade turf tires provide additional hillside stability.

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