Step by Step: How to advertise on Facebook

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For many business owners, social media, particularly Facebook, is an integral part of their marketing efforts. In addition to staying connected with their current customers, advertising through Facebook can provide a relatively easy and inexpensive way to attract new ones.

Any company with a Facebook page can advertise on the site, and rates begin at a minimum of $5 per day. There are several different types of ads for business owners to consider, depending on what they want to accomplish. Lead generation ads persuade potential customers to provide their names and phone numbers by, for example, offering them a free estimate. Traffic ads urge people to visit a company’s website through specific actions, such as receiving a special offer or reading an informational article. Brand awareness ads encourage people to “like” a company’s Facebook page and help promote its name to the public.

Facebook ads have three main components: text, an image and a destination. The text should convey the ad’s intended message, such as the special offer or services. The photo or video is the visual aspect of the ad and should always use clear, crisp imagery. The ad should then send visitors to a specific page and encourage a specific action.

Consider the following to create an effective Facebook ad.

Step 1

illustrations: David Preiss

illustrations: David Preiss

What kind of customers do you want to attract? Facebook ads can target specific types of people based on their demographics. Many Facebook ads fail because they are too general. Target the ad to a specific person.

Step 2

illustrations: David Preiss

illustrations: David Preiss

What problem does this person have? How will they benefit by choosing you to solve that problem? Address these questions with your images and copy.

Step 3

illustrations: David Preiss

illustrations: David Preiss

What is your offer or call to action? Give them a reason to reach out to you. The offer must be clear and valuable to the audience that you are targeting.

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