Stihl debuts garden shears, Cutquik and iMow

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HSA 25 garden shears


HSA 25 garden shears

Stihl introduced the HSA 25 garden shears as part of its Lightning Battery System line.

“The HSA 25 is the first Stihl power tool designed for detail-oriented trimming tasks,” said Brian Manke, product manager at Stihl. “Its compact design and easy-to-change blade attachments allow users to swiftly switch between trimming projects.”

The product weighs less than 1.3 pounds without the battery and 1.8 pounds with the battery, and features a rubberized handle for user comfort and secure grip. It boasts double reciprocating blades in a laser-hardened diamond finish that can cut at 2,000 strokes per minute.

The garden shears also include:

  • A run time of up to 110 minutes on a single charge;
  • A grass blade (4.3 inches) and a shrub blade (6.7 inches), interchangeable without tools;
  • A lithium-ion battery and charger; and
  • A low noise output.

 The MSRP of the complete kit is $119.95.


TS 440 Cutquik cut off machine


TS 440 Cutquik

Stihl’s TS 440 STIHL Cutquik cut off machine (66.7 cc) is designed for challenging cuts where traditional cut off machine guard positions limit cutting access, according to Stihl.

The product features expanded guard adjustability made possible by Stihl’s sensor-activated Quickstop wheel brake technology. It is designed to allow for extended guard adjustability by reducing the risk of injury from kickback when the machine’s guard is adjusted to expose the top portion of the wheel. It is capable of stopping the cutting wheel rotation within fractions of a second if kickback occurs.

The machine features an engine power of 3.2 kW, a weight of 24.7 pounds, a fuel tank capacity of 24.5 ounces, an engine speed of 9,000 rpm and a maximum wheel size of 14 inches.

According to Stihl, other characteristics of the TS 440 include:

  • A cutting depth of 4.9 inches;
  • A two-belt drive for high torque to the wheel;
  • A top handle design;
  • Electronic water control for efficient water flow adjustment while cutting;
  • An X2 air filtration system that maintains a 99.96 percent cleaning efficiency;
  • An ElastoStart starter handle with a built-in shock absorber to help reduce effort when pulling the starter cord; and
  • An antivibration system to reduce operator fatigue.

The Cutquik machine starts at an MSRP of $1,279.95.



iMow RMI 632

Stihl also debuted the iMow RMI 422 P and the iMow RMI 632 P, smart mowers designed to automatically mow the lawn on a regular basis.

“iMow can be tailored to a homeowner’s lifestyle and schedule, adding customizable convenience to mowing,” said Manke. “The user tells iMow when to mow—while at work, while the kids are at school, at night while sleeping—and then enjoys a great-looking lawn.”

The RMI 422 P can mow slopes up to 22 degrees and handle yards up to .25 of an acre in about 17 hours per week. It features a 7.8-inch cutting width and a built-in LED control panel with backlit display.

Additional features include:

  • A weight of 19.8 pounds;
  • Dimensions of 24 x 17 x 10.5 inches;
  • 60-minute average mowing time; and
  • 90-minute average charging time.

The RMI 632 P can mow slopes up to 24 degrees and handle yards up to one acre in about 40 hours per week. It features an 11-inch cutting width and a removable LED control panel.

Other characteristics include:

  • A weight of 28.6 pounds;
  • Dimensions of 29 x 21 x 10.5 inches;
  • 150-minute average mowing time; and
  • 60-minute average charging time.

Both machines feature an intelligent hood sensor (allowing the mower to work around solid objects), automatic charging, a double-sided steel blade, adjustable cutting heights and Stihl battery technology. Each iMow comes standard with an integrated battery and outdoor docking station.

Both models include:

  • Quiet operation;
  • Mulching mower functionality;
  • Auto-adjust capability to make up lost mowing time;
  • A built-in rain sensor;
  • Smart safety technology to stop the blade if the mower is lifted or tipped; and
  • An antitheft system including a user-chosen security PIN.

Optional accessories are also available, such as a docking station canopy, aggressive high-traction wheels to navigate slippery conditions (for the RMI 632 P only) and weighted front wheels for extremely hilly terrain.

The RMI 422 P starts at an MSRP of $1,299.95, and the 632 P at an MSRP of $1,999.95.

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