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Stihl debuts new battery system, mobile charger

November 17, 2021 -  By

Stihl recently introduced its AP 500 S, a new type of battery with power-laminate cell technology. When properly cared for, Stihl said the AP 500 S can accept up to twice as many charging cycles as compared to conventional Li-ion batteries.

The AP 500 S powers the STIHL AP System and is designed for professional users. It provides an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, packing 337 watt-hours of energy at 4.2 pounds. In addition, the AP 500 S is the most powerful battery in the AP cartridge battery lineup, according to the company.

Stihl’s Stihl Connected system is built into the AP 500 S. This offers commercial users a detailed overview of all relevant data, such as the current charge status, daily operating time and age. The respective information can be accessed and analyzed via smartphone or tablet.

New charging system

Stihl's AL 301-4 Multi-Charger can charge up to 4 AP or AR batteries and is approved for mobile use. (Photo: Stihl)

Stihl’s AL 301-4 Multi-Charger can charge up to 4 AP or AR batteries and is approved for mobile use. (Photo: Stihl)

Stihl’s new AL 301-4 Multi-Charger can sequentially charge up to four AP or AR batteries, ideal for charging batteries overnight in a workshop or on the go. The AL 301-4 Multi-Charger can charge up to four AP 300 S batteries in just under five hours. Approved for mobile use, the AL 301-4 can simplify charging between jobs.

LED indicator lights help show when batteries are fully charged, or if they are too hot or cold for use. With its sequential charging, the AL 301-4 uses a reduced amount of energy that enables plugging in up to three chargers on a single 15A/120V circuit. Pros can also save space in their workshop by mounting the charger to a wall or shelf, or by stacking units up to three high.

Stihl also debuted several other charging solutions:

  • The charging cabinet houses three AL 301-4 multi-chargers that can recharge 12 fully depleted AP 300 S cartridge-style batteries in a little over 4.5 hours. The charging cabinet will also accept up to 6 AR-style backpack batteries, and 6 AP cartridge-style batteries. Additionally, the charging cabinet can be configured to attach to a truck, trailer or can be stored in a workshop1. The weather-resistant design gives users the advantage of a durable storage unit with sturdy construction. The charging cabinet features three cooling fans, one under each AL 301-4 charger, to help keep batteries cool. The warm air is exhausted through the top of the box with built-in ventilation. Additionally, the cabinet is equipped with a locking system to secure batteries and chargers, as well as help prevent equipment theft.
  • The portable PS 3000 inverter is designed to recharge AP battery packs throughout the day, and packs over 2,100 watt-hours of energy. The convenient charging solution can be brought to the job site and with its high-power output, the PS 3000 can charge up to six AP 300 S batteries.
  • The LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Deep Cycle batteries are a modular power solution designed to be mounted in a truck or trailer. An ideal solution for professionals that need to charge more than six AP 300 S batteries during the day.
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